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Latest pool news
2020.06.26 Acepool Beam pool launched.
Based on the same technology as Sunpool, Acepool will better server US and Canadian miners with very low latency.
Entire pool, inlcuding the frontend, nodes and stratum servers are located in Beauharnois (Canada).
Acepool is completely separated from Sunpool enhancing Beam decentralization and security.
Why mine on Acepool?
Acepool public user key and private key
Anonymous user accounts

To use Acepool in an anonymous and secure way, miners need a pair of keys, which are easily generated on this page:
- a public user key which you will use to configure the miner software and to access your public stats on the pool website (treat it as a user id)
- a corresponding private key that will grant you access to your balance on the pool and that must be protected and never shared with anyone (treat it as a password)

You can consider this pair of keys an anonymous user account. You can use as many accounts as you like when mining on Acepool.
Do not use a page translation service when copying the keys as that can interfere with keys and make them unusable!

On each refresh of this page a pair of keys is generated. Pick a pair that you like and carefully save both keys simultaneously!
Acepool public user key: ...
Acepool private key: ...

If you lose the private key you will lose your funds stored on the pool! Protect the private key and never share it with anyone!
Generate a new pair of keys

Sample miner configuration with the above info:

Gminer (recommended miner for NVIDIA cards, download it from here)
miner.exe --algo BeamHash --server beam.acepool.top:3334 --ssl 1 --user ....rig0

miniZ (recommended miner for NVIDIA cards, download it from here)
miniZ.exe --url=ssl://....rig0@beam.acepool.top:3334

lolMiner (recommended miner for AMD cards, download it from here)
lolMiner.exe --coin BEAM --pool beam.acepool.top:3334 --user ....rig0

Quick start information

Pool is accepting connections at beam.acepool.top:3334 and beam.acepool.top:3333 using VarDiff with 1024 as initial difficulty.
NiceHash users please use port 4444.
Pool payout is PPLNS with no pool fee. Found blocks and all relevant statistics are fully transparent.

Your personal stats can be accessed at https://beam.acepool.top/miner-stats.php by entering your public user key from above, or directly at this link: https://beam.acepool.top/miner-stats.php?miner=...

Payments to personal wallet can be requested and will be payed daily for balances above 1 BEAM, weekly for balances above 0.5 BEAM and monthly for balances above 0.01 BEAM. To request a balance transfer you have to enter your private key (the above in RED) in the miner stats page (a field will be available there when you have enough balance). If the key is valid a new field will appear where you can enter any BEAM receiving address and request a withdrawal. Payment processing is automatic and should not take longer than 5 minutes. Please keep your wallet online when you request a payment.


Mining on this pool is on your own risk!
We do not offer any guarantees of any kind. We cannot and will not compensate you in the event of losing funds or work which can happen for various reasons, including: hardware failures, scalability issues, bugs in the Beam code, bugs in our own pool software, hacking, losing personal private key by the miner, mining without or with an incorrect public user key, incorrectly understanding pool usage instructions, human error etc.

To alleviate your risk we recomend to not store large amounts of coins on the pool.
By using this pool you agree to the terms above.

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